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“There a few reasons why my parents chose RA for my school. My mom chose my school because she loves the fact that it’s an art school. The teachers are very attentive to the children. She also likes that the school drives the children to read more. It’s also nice to attend the beautiful concerts the school puts together. My dad loves the great education RA gives to me. He also like they teach me black history. My parents are happy they chose RA for me. I’m happy to be an RA kid!!!”

Maliyah P. Grade 3
Member of the RA family since 2014

“I love RA because I grew up at this school and it is a powerful place to be. It inspires me to become a powerful student. Also the teachers influence me to do better on my work and follow directions. I’m glad I came to this school because it teaches us better and we learn more. I feel inspired because every day I go into school I know that I will succeed in my work and I will never give up. And RA will never give up on me and I will not give up on them. I will try my best at everything and anything. No matter how my ups and downs go I will always get back and love RA.”

Emari G. Grade 5
Member of the RA Family since 2014

“I am going to tell you why I like RA and here are the following reasons why I like my school. RA is a school that gets more things than other regular schools. We have kind teachers that listen to us when we have a problem so that we can solve them. We have Dr. Cozine known as “DMC” who takes us seriously. We have our teachers to keep us safe. We are blessed with such a school that takes education serious. I love my school it is perfect for me. We have a great school we are lucky that we got picked to go to RA. This is why I like my school it is special to me. Reminder: treat others like you want to be treated.”

Tyonna S. Grade 4
Member of the RA family since 2014

“RA is not just a school, it's like a family. Everyone knows Everyone! Safe, and
comfortable environment. My child loves HIS school!”

Angela D. via Facebook
Parent of a 3rd grade, Member of RA family since 2015

“My children love the teachers and being able to do arts everyday. We decided not to go on vacation last summer and they asked if they could just go to school. Where else is a principal picking up and dropping off children of parents who don't have transportation?”

Trinell E. via Facebook
Parent of two Third Graders and a First Grader Member of the RA Family since 2014

“What is there not to love? I love the unity of RA. It does not matter the grade or the
teacher the core values are the same. I love that each day my kids are excited about
learning. I love that my kindergartener comes home singing about a new concept. I love the genuineness of the staff. Would you like me to go on?”

Sade H. via Facebook
Parent of a Kindergartener and a Second Grader Member of the RA Family since 2017

“RA gave our daughter a voice, speech was our biggest challenge upon coming into RA. We have come a long way since 1st entering your doors from the teachers who love to teach and do so with all their hearts and soul to provide an education for my child to a principal who greeted us every morning and for going above and beyond for us in helping to get us the services we needed for our daughter there are no words that could adequately convey the appreciation we have for this school and the encouragement that has given our daughter the confidence she needed to speak.”

Lindsay D. via Facebook
Parent of a Third Grader Member of the RA Family since 2014

“I can’t thank you enough for this school. My granddaughter LOVES it here. She can’t wait to get to school in the morning and when she gets off the bus can’t stop telling us about her day!”

Peter F. comment made to Dr. Cozine
Grandparent of a Kindergarten Student, Member of the RA Family since 2017

“I can’t believe how much my granddaughters have grown in their abilities at this school. They have such poise and confidence!”

John W. comment made to Dr. Cozine
Grandparent of two third graders, Member of the RA Family since 2014

“I keep thinking today of the comment that I heard yesterday from one of the kids at the end of the 2nd grade tour yesterday at the House. I happened to mention to the teachers as these bright, eager kids were leaving the House....that if any of them lived in the neighborhood, they could always come in for a free tour... A little girl (7 years old) looked right up at me with a bright, missing front tooth smile and said:“When I grow up, I'm going to save all my money so I can come and live in this neighborhood and hear about Susan B Anthony every day so I can grow up to be just like her and fix everything that's unfair to people!” I can't stop thinking about it. This next generation gives me such hope and encouragement...THIS is what it means to inspire, in whatever way we can. I will never forget that moment yesterday when I was so fortunate to hear those hopeful words out of that little girl!!”

Susan B. Anthony House

“The first group of second graders are here and they are delightful! They have so much background knowledge! It is an absolute pleasure to host students who are well-prepared.”

Linda Lopata
Director of Interpretation and Guest Services National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House

“I've never seen a more organized school group here!”

Nathan Tweedie
Manager of On-Site Learning, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

“Your students were better than ANY youth baseball team we have EVER had in here!”

Owner, Sal's Pizzeria
Cooperstown, New York 

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to present Math and Movement to your teachers yesterday. It was a great honor to be at the Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts. I am very impressed with your teachers, curriculum, positive school culture and administration. Your teachers are highly intelligent and innovative. I travel to many schools across the country. It has been a while since I have presented at a school that has impressed me as much as Renaissance Academy Charter School for the Arts. Thank you for your vision in founding the school and your diligence in creating an amazing, innovative educational opportunity for your students. I hope I will have the honor of working with you again.”

Suze Koontz
Founder and CEO of Math and Movement