Donate to RA


Consider RA in Your Annual Giving

When donating to RA, you

  • Help the school meet its mission.

  • Make a difference in the education of students who reside in the city of Rochester and the town of Greece.

  • Provide additional supports to students.

  • Strengthen our arts education and arts integration programs.

Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts has a unique place in the Rochester educational landscape. We are a publicly financed school, but we operate independently from any district’s board of education. That means we can institute innovative teaching strategies, make changes easily, quickly to respond to students’ needs, and infuse the arts where we see fit.

For more information about any contributions to our school, contact the main office at (585) 225-4200 x 200.

student with dog

Meet Remy and our Social Worker, Mrs. Sullivan!

We are excited about our therapy dog, Remy, short for Remedy.  Remy is a Newfypoo, is a mix between a Newfoundland and a Poodle. She's big pup with an even bigger heart! Remy displays a combination of intelligence, playfulness, and a kind heart. All of RA students love her and she loves them. There's no need to worry, Remy has a classic, non-shedding, hypoallergenic coat, and displays a very calm, but playful nature and make a great children companion.

Your donation will also:

  • continue Remy's trainings and professional development

  • expand our current Physical, Cognitive, Social, Emotional programs

  • contribute to her care and maintenance

A donation of any amount is welcome and appreciated. Your gift will help:

  • Purchase musical instruments

  • Provide transportation for field trips to Rochester’s rich arts and cultural organizations

  • Purchase arts supplies and materials, like ballet shoes, costumes, theatre props, etc.

  • Make upgrades to our educational settings

Donate your Time by Volunteering or Supplies

If unable to make a financial contribution but want to help make a difference in the lives of our students, consider volunteering at our school. We could use your help during lunch time in our cafeteria, answering the telephone, reading a book to a class just to name a few. Additionally, we appreciate receiving books, musical instruments, warm weather clothing and school supplies for our students.

Contact Mrs. Kimberly Felton, Family Services Coordinator, at (585)225-4200 x 209.

Thank You for Your Support!

smiling student at desk